Tips To Keep Your Marine Engine From Over Heating

Due to the way they are used, marine engines are quite prone to Untitledoverheating.

Here are a few valuable tips to help you maintain marine engine cooling systems:

Flush The Cooling System

Regular y us your engine’s cooling system with fresh water to ensure that it is free from unwanted dirt or sand particles. This will keep the cooling system performing optimally.

Clean The Pumps Intake

Keeping the water intake mechanisms free from dirt and grime is important to ensure proper & contaminant free operation of the pump.

Check Pilot Hole

If the pilot hole is clogged, must be cleared as soon as possible to prevent your engine from overheating and seizing.

Check Thermostat

Regular cleaning of the thermostat is required. Carefully clean any dirt particles that might be found in the gallery containing the thermostat.


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