What You Need To Do When Your Marine Diesel Engine Won’t Start..

Most marine vessels have main and auxiliary engines that run on diesel Marine Diesel Engineengine fuel. While it is true that marine diesel engines are quite sturdy and are designed for heavy duty performance, there are times when they fail to function due to mechanical faults. In this blog, we shall discuss the common problems that prevent marine diesel engines from starting and how they can be fixed.

Reasons Why Your Marine Diesel Engine Won’t Start

The first step toward fixing your marine diesel engine is diagnosing the problem that’s preventing it from functioning. Instead of just jumping to conclusions straight away, you need to thoroughly examine the diesel engine and its components to find the real fault.

Here is a list of things you should do when your marine diesel engine fails to start:

Check The Fuel Tank

The first thing you need to do is to check whether there is sufficient amount of fuel in the tank. Most marine diesel engines fail to start up if the fuel level in the tank drops below a certain level.

Don’t rely on the ship’s fuel gauge alone as it could be erroneously calibrated or it could simply be malfunctioning, The only way to be sure is to check the fuel tank manually. Most marine engine experts recommend that the fuel level in the tank should not drop below a third of its maximum capacity. The best way to check the fuel level in the tank is by using a standard dipstick.

Look For Signs Of Organic GrowthCheck The Filters

Organic particulates consisting of fungal particles and algae can lead to blockages in the fuel intake system. The growth of organic matter inside your fuel tank clogs in fuel filters.

Check The Filters

The fuel and water filters can also get blocked by the dirt and debris. If your ship’s water filters get blocked, they will not be able to keep your marine diesel engine cool and may cause it to overheat and stop functioning.

Check The Propellers

Plastic sheets, sea weed, and various other materials can easily get caught in the propeller of your boat and prevent the engine from starting up.

Clean The Spark Plugs

Dirty or broken spark plugs can also prevent your marine diesel engine from working. Inspect the spark plugs to make sure that they are free from dirt and are in good working condition.

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