Things You Need To Avoid To Keep Your Marine Engine in Good Shape

A marine diesel engine is a sophisticated machine that requires proper Marine Enginemaintenance to ensure that it performs efficiently. Since most marine vessels operate on engines that require diesel fuel, it would be a good idea to learn the basic skills needed to properly maintain them.

Since maintaining marine engines requires efficient and timely efforts, knowing what you need to avoid doing helps as well. In this blog, we shall mention a few of those things and discuss why you should avoid them.

Things To Avoid To Properly Maintain Your Marine Diesel Engine  

Relying Too Much On The Ship’s Indicators

Modern marine vessels have a variety of inbuilt electronic indicators that are used to assess various features of the main and auxiliary diesel engines onboard. Although these indicators are usually quite accurate, you must not rely on them excessively.

Marine Diesel Engine

Like all manmade machines, a ship’s indicators can also malfunction and break down over time. Always conduct a manual inspection of your marine diesel engine from time to time to ensure that it is working properly.

Using Low Grade Fuel Oil

You might be tempted every now and then to use low-grade fuel oil for your marine diesel engine to save a few bucks. That is a very bad idea! Never use low-grade fuel for your marine diesel engine. Besides damaging the delicate components inside your marine diesel engine, it will also cost you more in the long run.

Similarly, low-grade diesel fuel has a lower combustion potential than the highly quality version of the product. In other words, you’ll have to use more of it to achieve a satisfactory power output from your marine engine and it will end up costing you more in the long term.

Turning A Blind Eye To Corrosion

If you notice signs of corrosion on some parts of your engine components, be sure to get them replaced quickly. Operating a main or auxiliary marine diesel engine with rusted or worn out parts will only add to the mechanical strain experienced by it and reduce its output power potential.

Using The Wrong Kind Of Antifreeze/Coolant

Contact the manufacturer to determine the correct antifreeze or coolant requirements of your marine diesel engine. Using the wrong mixture of coolant, antifreeze, and water in your marine diesel engine can be hazardous as it could cause a substantial amount of damage to the inner components of your ship’s engine.

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