5 Tips To Properly Winterize Your Marine Engine

1 Fuel ManagementMarine spare parts

Diesel can grow stale while in storage, resulting in sludge & sediment that can plug filters.

To prevent this, treat the fuel with a diesel biocide stabilizer and install new filters.

2 Good Drainage

Open all drain plugs to purge the raw-water cooling systems.

Use a stiff wire to clear any sediment from drains.

3 Fresh Oil

Used engine oil contains acids that can eat away at metals over the winter.

Change the oil filter and fill the crankcase with fresh oil as per the manufacturer’s specifications.

4 Freeze Prevention

To avoid freeze damage over winter, plumb the motor flushers or intake pumps to draw antifreeze.

5 All Sealed lip

Seal the exhaust outlets on the hull and air filters on the engine.

This prevents moist air from finding its way into the combustion chambers.


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