Does Your Marine Diesel Engine Need an Overhaul?

A ship’s marine engine is what powers it to keep going against the resilient tides, through the uncounted ocean miles.

And as a marine engineer, it’s therefore important for you to make sure that periodic maintenance and checks are kept intact. A sudden breakdown can bring the ship to a stand-still. You can find yourself stranded in the middle of an ocean.

However, there comes a time when fixes become frequent. Routine maintenance and repairs still work, but their frequency become all too tiring. It costs you money and more importantly time. And yet, after a while, you find yourself holding those wrenches again, heading towards the engine room—ONCE AGAIN!

That’s when your marine diesel engine needs an overhaul

Here are few things that you should look for…

The Generator Can No Longer Bear the Rated Load

There are unusual fluctuations. Your engine’s operating temperature is going-off limit. Other important parameters are showing abnormal figures. You check the load and find it is in compatible range.

It’s a sign that your generator is no longer able to bear the limit load. As such, it needs checking and potentially a complete overhaul.

Premature Degradation of Lube Oil

Another way to tell if your marine engine needs an overhaul is to go through the lube replacement entry records. If you find you are being forced to replace your lube oil before it’s due date of replacement, provided there is no leakage, it does indicate that you have a faulty unit.

Metal Particles Found in Filters

If, while running a routine maintenance, you come across metal particles in the filters, there could be a major wear down of main bearings taking place. As such, the unit would need immediate overhauling.

Uncharacteristic Knocking Sound

You are familiar with the usual working sound of your marine engine. However, until recently, you have been noticing that the “usual working sound” has been replaced with an “uncharacteristic” knocking sound. It is another of those signs that your engine may need a complete overhaul.

Keep Track of the Running Hours

For how long does your engine usually runs without breaking down? Refer to the past records where needed. If you find that your marine engine is no longer producing the same readings, you might need to carry out an overhaul.

As a vessel’s diesel engine starts to age and begins encountering performance issues on a regular basis, conducting a thorough inspection becomes imperative. Marine diesel engine maintenance might work but only for limited time before forcing you to run another untimely and inconvenient maintenance check. As such, overhauling could serve to be a more permanent fix.

Looking for Engine Overhauling Services?

Evernew Marine has the perfect solution for you. We will take your old tired engine, disassemble it, clean and inspect all components, replace the worn-out parts with genuine high quality main engine parts, test run it and hand it over to you running like a new one. Contact us for more details.