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Marine Spare Parts for Heat Exchangers

FP02, FP04, FP08, FP10, FP16, FP22, FP205, FP31, FP40, FP50, FP41, FP60, FP80, FPS30, FPS35, FPS39, FPS43, FPS50, FPS65, FPS100, FPS120

VT04P, VT10F, VT20, VT20C, VT20G, VT20P, VT40, VT40C, VT40G, VT40P, VT40M, VT80, VT80C, VT80G, VT80M, VT80P, VT402, VT405, VT805, VT130F, VT130K, VT1306, VT1309, VT180M, VT2508, NT10, NT50T, NT50X, NT50M, NT100T, NT100M, NT100X, NT150S, NT150L, NT250S, NT250M, NT250L, NT350S, NT350L, NT500, N40, FA157, FA159, FA161, FA184NG, FA184WG, FA192NG, FA192WG, LWC100T, LWC150, CT187, CT189.

S4A, S7, S7A, S8, S8A, S9A, S14, S14A, S15, S19, S19A, S20, S20A, S21, S21A, S22, S30, S35, S37, S38, S39, S43, S43A, S47, S50, S61, S62, S64, S65, S65A, S81, S86, S100, S120, S121, S130, S152, S188, SFD13, SFD22, SW189.

GCD006, GCD012, GLD013, GLP013, GCP026, GCD030, GCP030, GCP051, GCP054, GCD054, GCD055, GCP060, GCD065, GX12, GXD012, GX18, GCD018, GXP018, GX26, GX026, GXD026, GXP026, GXP037, GXD037, GX42, GX042, GXD042, GXP042, GX051, GX51, GXP051, GXD051, GXD060, GX64, GXD064, GX85, GXD085, GX91, GXD091, GX100, GXD100, GXP118, GXD140, GXD145, GL145, GFP030, GFP050, GF057, GFP057, GFP080, GFP097, GF097, GFP100, GFP180, GFP187, GF187, S3, S8, HX12, HXD012, HX25, HX50, HXD050, HX85, HXD085, HX180, HXD180, HXD145, GM56, GM59, GM138, GM257, GM276, TW5, TW10, TW18, UX01, UX05, UXP005, UXP010, UXP060, UX06T, UX10, UX20, UX40, UXP200, UXP400, UX80, UXP81, UX801, UXP900, G12, G28, G30, G48, G50, G55, G65, G66, G75, G78, G85, G95, G25, G52, G58, G102, G108, G153, G157, G158, G159, G214, G234, G254, G274, G322, G342, G52, G58, G65, GF138, GF257, GF276, GF59, MF138, MF257, MF276, MF56, MF59.

A055, A085, H12, H17, N25, N35, N50, J060, J092, J107, J185, M60, M92, M107, M185, Q030D, Q030E, Q055D, Q055E, Q080D, Q080E, K34, K55, K71, B063L, B063S, B110L, B110S, B134L, B134S, B158L, B158S, B205L, B205S, SR1, SR2, SR3, SR6AA, SR6AG, SR6GH, SR6GL, SU6GL, SR9, SD9, SR14AD, SR14AH, SR14AN, SR14AP, SR14GD, SR14AG, AR14PP, SR23AO, SR23PV, SR23VO, SR38, SR95, R5, ER5, R6, R8, R10, R14, R23, R40, R55, R66, R86, R89, R106, R145, R235, R405, P105, P190, TR9AL, TR9AV, TR9GL, TR9GN, LR9AL, LR9GL, LR9GN, LD9AL, LD9GL, LD9GN, D37, U2, T4, TR1, HMB, HX, WHX, JUNIOR, CHF130, FFPE, PESERIII, RFE, RFFPE, SR15PE, CS235, CZ450A.

LX00A, LX10, LX10A, LX20, LX20A, LX30A, LX40, LX40A, LX50A, UX01, UX10, UX10A, UX20, UX20A, UX30, UX30A, UX40, UX40A, UX80, UX90, UX100, UX130, RX10A, RX11A, RX13A, RX30A, RX70, SX40, SX40A, SX41, SX43, SX90, SX90M, EX11, EX15, YX80

TL90SS, TL90PP, TL150SS, TL150PP, TL250SS, TL250PP, TL400SS, TL400PP, TL500SS, TL500PP, TL650SS, TL650PP, TL850SS, TL850PP.

FP02, FP04, FP08, FP10, FP16, FP22, FP205, FP31, FP40, FP41, FP50, FP60, FP80

VT04, VT10, VT20, VT40, VT80, N40, FA184, NT100T, NT100M, NT100X, NT150S, NT150L, NT250S, NT250M, NT250L, NT350S, NT350M, NT500.

S4A, S7A, S8A, S9A, S14A, S17, S19A, S21A, S22A, S31A, S22, S37, S41, S41A, S42, S42A, S62, S43, S47, S65, S81, S100, S121, SF123, SF160.

GL13, GX18, GX26, GX42, GX51, GX60, GX64, GX85, GX91, GX100, GX140, GX145, GX180, GC16, GC26, GC42, GC51, GC54, GC60, GL85, GL145, GL205, GL230, GL330, GF187.

H17, N35, N50, J060, J092, J107, J185, B063, A055, A085, Q080.

TL90SS, TL90PP, TL150SS, TL150PP, TL250SS, TL250PP, TL400SS, TL400PP, TL650SS, TL650PP, TL850SS, TL850PP.

Special size customized heat exchanger is usually designed according to customer's technical requirement and installation request. We prepare drawing for customer's study and factory make it based on customer confirmed drawing.


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